Cavity backed slot antenna array

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In this paper, a rectangular Cavity Backed Slot Antenna (CBSA) Model excited by a probe is investigated. The analysis is carried out using the Alternating Direction Implicit - Finite Difference Time Domain (ADIFDTD) Method which is applied to investigate its characteristics in terms of radiation patterns and power.

The array is formed from a series of slots backed by sections of open waveguides. Because of the field distribution in the slots, the antennas canThe antennas are easy to manufacture in standard PCB technology. The arrays are optimized for bandwidth and return loss using the optimizers in... An optically tunable cavity-backed slot antenna -… This paper proposes and demonstrates an optically tunable cavity backed slot antenna.Antenna efficiency has been measured and ranges between 36% and 62% depending upon the combination of frequency and tuning state, with the gain taking values between 4.3 dBi and 6.9 dBi. Active spherical slot array antenna KEYWORDS: spherical array, slot antenna, cavity-backed slot, active antenna. INTRODUCTION. Spherical array antenna has been continuously investigated because the significant characteristic of this antenna type is that the constant radiation pattern, as it is steered in any directions... Multilayer effects on cavity-backed slot antennas —…


Ka-band slot-microstrip-covered and waveguide-cavity-backed monopulse antenna array. In: International Journal of Antennas and Propagation. 2014 ; Vol. 2014, No. 707491. pp. 1 - 5. Ka-Band Slot-Microstrip-Covered and Waveguide-Cavity-…

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of a cavity-backed slot antenna (CBSA) is presented, which facil- itates proper ..... [15] A. Roederer, “A log-periodic cavity-backed slot array,” IEEE Trans. An-. High Efficiency 2x2 Cavity-Backed Slot Sub-array for 60 GHz ... - Core

The basic principles of cavity backed slot antennas are presented, along with ... pattern of these antennas make them well suited for use in antenna arrays.

Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas - Antenna Theory A practical slot antenna is the cavity-backed slot antenna. Unfortunately, the equations related to the cavity backed slot antenna are somewhat complicated and in my opinion don't give a good idea of how they work. Hence, I'll present the basics, present A cavity-backed coplanar waveguide slot antenna array A Cavity-backed Coplanar Waveguide Slot Antenna Array James McKnight ABSTRACT In this thesis, a cavity-backed slot antenna array is designed for relatively wide instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and low sidelobes. The array consists of four, rectangular, slot Cavity backed slot antenna array - YouTube